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How to prepare for retirement when you work for yourself

How to prepare for retirement when you work for yourself

If there is one thing that the current pandemic has taught us, it is that life is unpredictable. We need to put measures in place to make sure that we are prepared for the future. There have been many changes in how and where we work. This means that for many of us who work for larger institutions on a permanent basis, the traditional safeguard of a pension and or a provident fund remains but with a new structure.

Retirement: Surviving the Interest Rate Cycle

retirement financesWith the economy growing at a slower tick than previously expected, the South African Reserve Bank recently took a decision to lower interest rates. At 8.5%, the lowest interest rate in several decades, the prime lending rate has been reduced in order to encourage economic growth an assist South African businesses who find they are facing challenging times. However, one group of people may not benefit from low interest rates: retired people who rely on money market funds for their monthly incomes. Continue reading “Retirement: Surviving the Interest Rate Cycle”

Whole of Life Cover – An Industry First by Liberty Life

insurance whole of life coverYou may have heard of lump sum disability cover, and if you read our blog regularly you may have seen our post on this type of insurance cover. What many people may not know however, is that Liberty Life recently took disability insurance to the next level with an innovative product – Whole of Life cover. Continue reading “Whole of Life Cover – An Industry First by Liberty Life”

Disability Cover beyond Retirement? It Exists!

insurance disability cover after retirementMany insurance companies offer policies that will pay out a lump sum in the event of disability. These policies are an essential part of everyone’s financial planning strategy, providing crucial funds that can be used to settle any outstanding debts you may have in the unfortunate event that you become disabled and unable to work. Once your debts are settled, the balance of the lump sum payment could be invested to provide an income to cover your monthly expenses.

Continue reading “Disability Cover beyond Retirement? It Exists!”

Actively Managed Portfolios: The Keys to Wealth-Building

managed-portfoliosDeciding to invest in shares or unit trusts is a brave step for many people, especially those who are a little risk-averse. Though these investment instruments may be more risky that just depositing money in the bank, the potential returns can transform your small savings into a sizeable fund that could provide you with the lifestyle you strive for and secure your financial future well into retirement.

Most clients opt to use the services of a broker when buying shares, and if your broker also acts as a sound financial advisor you should receive quality financial guidance. When it comes to shares, most financial services companies offer a range of funds – each one with a different level of risk and expected return. There are two general categories of fund that clients should be aware of: actively managed funds and passive funds. Continue reading “Actively Managed Portfolios: The Keys to Wealth-Building”