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Undoing Lockdown – levels of business support

Undoing Lockdown – levels of business support

Some feel cheated. We were told ‘this lockdown thing’ will come to an end, and yes, we knew it would not quite mean business to usual, but THIS unusual? And for how long, THIS time? Anger and frustration, fueled by denied addictions and proclivities, are rising. Scathing memes and poisonous comments are setting Facebook and social media on fire. There are growing accusations of class and race prejudice from all sides.

How to Calculate Provisional Tax

tax - calculate provisional taxWith the 2011 tax season in full swing, people around the country are scrambling to file their returns on time.

If you are a provisional taxpayer, the process is a little more complicated since you will need to calculate how much provisional tax you are required to pay. While calculating your provisional tax may take a little time, the process is not as complicated as some may think. We have provided a quick guide to provisional tax that will help you file your returns on time and with the minimum inconvenience and frustration. Continue reading “How to Calculate Provisional Tax”