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PART 1: A mixed response: what is happening on the property market in 2021?

PART 1: A mixed response: what is happening on the property market in 2021?

Should we hold on to our properties, no matter what, since it is currently a ‘buyer’s market’? Should we put ourselves in debt and buy a property now? With all the economic insecurity people from all walks of life are facing, is using real estate as a form of passive income still a reliable investment?

Should South Africans Be Investing Offshore?

offshore-investmentsAs the global economy continues its ups and downs, an increasing number of South Africans are wondering where to invest their money. As the world’s financial and economic landscape continues to change, should we be looking beyond our borders for the best investments over the medium and long term? Continue reading “Should South Africans Be Investing Offshore?”

Financial New Year’s Resolutions

financial-resolutionsAs the new business year begins in January and the old financial year comes to a close in February, March brings business owners keen to assess their performance over the past twelve months with the goal of becoming more competitive in the year to come. To achieve your business goals, a simple list of financial New Year’s resolutions may be in order. Continue reading “Financial New Year’s Resolutions”

South Africa’s Best Unit Trusts

unit-trustsMost responsible brokers and financial advisors recommend investing over the long term. Unlike day-trading and short-term investments which often see investors losing money as they chase the ‘next big thing’ on the stock market, long term investment allows your portfolio to grow at a stable rate over the years and decades, while guarding your investments against short-term fluctuations in the markets. Continue reading “South Africa’s Best Unit Trusts”

Joint Mortgage Bonds: Making Property Investments Affordable

Joint Mortgage BondWith the cost of property in South Africa having increased significantly over the past ten years, and in the current economic climate which has seen banks tightening their lending requirements, many investors are opting to pair up with friends, family and colleagues to purchase secondary properties. If you’re considering this option as a means of investing in property more affordably, there are a few considerations to bear in mind: Continue reading “Joint Mortgage Bonds: Making Property Investments Affordable”

Assessing a Franchise Opportunity

franchise-opportunityFranchises have become a popular choice for investors who have a reasonably large sum of money on hand, and would like to take a hands-on role in wealth creation. Buying a franchise has several advantages: you are investing in an established brand that customers may be familiar with, and you are given access to a supply chain that covers all the basic materials you will need to run your business.

However, for every benefit there is a possible disadvantage and the ability to judge the risk of a franchise will stand you in good stead when making an investment decision. Continue reading “Assessing a Franchise Opportunity”

Actively Managed Portfolios: The Keys to Wealth-Building

managed-portfoliosDeciding to invest in shares or unit trusts is a brave step for many people, especially those who are a little risk-averse. Though these investment instruments may be more risky that just depositing money in the bank, the potential returns can transform your small savings into a sizeable fund that could provide you with the lifestyle you strive for and secure your financial future well into retirement.

Most clients opt to use the services of a broker when buying shares, and if your broker also acts as a sound financial advisor you should receive quality financial guidance. When it comes to shares, most financial services companies offer a range of funds – each one with a different level of risk and expected return. There are two general categories of fund that clients should be aware of: actively managed funds and passive funds. Continue reading “Actively Managed Portfolios: The Keys to Wealth-Building”