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Financial Planning truths – and what cute puppies can teach us

Financial Planning truths – and what cute puppies can teach us

We are all suffering from various degrees of shell shock now that the ‘New Reality’ has sunk in a bit. We’ve come to realise that nothing about it is, or will be, ‘normal’ again. You will be forgiven for feeling alone in this. It is easy to shut down and scroll Facebook endlessly, alternating between doom scrolling and searching for pictures of cute puppies.

2012: Investment Outlook

Investment for 2012As 2011 draws to its close, investors will be reflecting on the past year as they monitor the value of their portfolios and prepare for 2012. After a whirlwind year on the financial markets, many investors may be wondering whether to stay in the market or sell some of their equities and ride out the next year or eighteen months.

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Insurance: A Whole World of Options

insuranceFor many people insurance is something they know they ought to have, especially in South Africa where accidents and loss or damage to property are quite common.

If you are new to the world of insurance or would like to make sure that you and your family are adequately covered, this introduction to the various types of insurance may answer a few of your questions.

Remember to consult your financial advisor if you would like more information on the types of insurance on our checklist: Continue reading “Insurance: A Whole World of Options”

Dread Diseases: Are You Insured?

insurance against dread diseaseMany people have comprehensive insurance cover that will leave their families with the peace of mind that comes with financial security should they pass away. What many of us don’t pay enough attention to however, is the possibility of contracting a dread disease.

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Slow Growth: How will it Affect South Africa and You?

success - bear marketRecent financial statistics indicate that South Africa may be headed for a period of slow growth. Economists observe that in 2011, what could go wrong did go wrong: the disastrous earthquake in Japan continues to have economic effects, while the Eurozone is facing a debt crisis and the United States is struggling with a slow recovery. Now these factors would appear to be affecting our economy in South Africa, where Gill Marcus, Governor of the Reserve Bank, recently cut the country’s growth forecast from 4% to 3.2%. Continue reading “Slow Growth: How will it Affect South Africa and You?”

What Happens After Death?

Estate planningOver the ages, people from every country on earth have wondered what happens when life ends. No matter what your beliefs, one thing is certain: as unfortunate as the death of a loved one is, if estate planning has taken place the burden on those left behind will certainly be minimised. Continue reading “What Happens After Death?”