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Apocalypse (Not) Now – What to do now that Moody’s has downgraded RSA to junk status

Apocalypse (Not) Now – What to do now that Moody’s has downgraded RSA to junk status

It is true – the country has been down-graded by the last remaining ratings agency, Moody’s, that thought South Africa was worth investing in – somewhat. It would be really bad news, if we don’t take into consideration that the whole world is facing two crises. We are all battling the COVID-19 virus and markets are volatile everywhere.

Financial New Year’s Resolutions

financial-resolutionsAs the new business year begins in January and the old financial year comes to a close in February, March brings business owners keen to assess their performance over the past twelve months with the goal of becoming more competitive in the year to come. To achieve your business goals, a simple list of financial New Year’s resolutions may be in order. Continue reading “Financial New Year’s Resolutions”

2012: Investment Outlook

Investment for 2012As 2011 draws to its close, investors will be reflecting on the past year as they monitor the value of their portfolios and prepare for 2012. After a whirlwind year on the financial markets, many investors may be wondering whether to stay in the market or sell some of their equities and ride out the next year or eighteen months.

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Slow Growth: How will it Affect South Africa and You?

success - bear marketRecent financial statistics indicate that South Africa may be headed for a period of slow growth. Economists observe that in 2011, what could go wrong did go wrong: the disastrous earthquake in Japan continues to have economic effects, while the Eurozone is facing a debt crisis and the United States is struggling with a slow recovery. Now these factors would appear to be affecting our economy in South Africa, where Gill Marcus, Governor of the Reserve Bank, recently cut the country’s growth forecast from 4% to 3.2%. Continue reading “Slow Growth: How will it Affect South Africa and You?”

Falling Markets – A Great Buying Opportunity

Financial directionRecent developments in the world economy have investors worried, and the poor performance of stock indexes over the past few weeks is proof of their concern. The recent debt crisis in Europe has cast doubt over that region’s economic outlook, while the US economy showed signs of weakness in the first half of the year – fuelled by several factors including the debt talks that narrowly averted a disaster in the world financial markets. At the same time, worries over China’s economic growth and inflation problems are fuelling concern over the regional economy in Asia. Continue reading “Falling Markets – A Great Buying Opportunity”