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Car Insurance – cheaper isn’t always better

Car Insurance – cheaper isn’t always better

Each insurer will present their products in such a way that it highlights the advantages of their products. However, there are always trade-offs and these are not always made explicit. It is a balancing act. In order to provide you with certain benefits, others have to be cut, limited or made available as expensive add-ons. It is a matter of which sacrifices are more acceptable to you.

Insurance: A Whole World of Options

insuranceFor many people insurance is something they know they ought to have, especially in South Africa where accidents and loss or damage to property are quite common.

If you are new to the world of insurance or would like to make sure that you and your family are adequately covered, this introduction to the various types of insurance may answer a few of your questions.

Remember to consult your financial advisor if you would like more information on the types of insurance on our checklist: Continue reading “Insurance: A Whole World of Options”