Human Resources


Every business owner knows that the right HR strategy can make an ordinary company extraordinary.

By harnessing the productivity and creative power of your staff, you can build the kind of business you’ve always wanted – efficient, customer-focussed and competitive.

Unfortunately, there are always challenges along the way where HR is concerned, and Northwood is here to advise business owners when staff-related issues arise.

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Employers, Advice is at Hand!

From employing new members of staff, to performance monitoring and CCMA issues that may arise when you part company with an ex-employee, Northwood’s HR division is on hand to offer advice, draw up an HR strategy for your business, or simply answer a question you may have regarding your employees.

Frequently Asked Human Resources Questions

The following frequently asked questions are answered by our HR division on a regular basis:

  • What are the requirements for an official payslip?
  • How do I conduct a legal and fair disciplinary hearing?
  • Are members of staff entitled to promotions, and under what conditions?
  • What is the procedure for dismissing a dishonest employee?

If you’re uncertain about any of these issues, you may need a comprehensive HR strategy that will ensure a harmonious and efficient relationship between your business and its employees. Without the proper legal requirements being met, your business could be at risk of paying damages to former members of staff through the CCMA or fall foul of the Department of Labour, which makes it extremely important to seek the best advice possible from the start.

With over 20 years of active experience in the HR field, the Northwood team addresses all queries in a supportive and non-judgemental way.

Whether you’re looking to draft a contract of employment or are wondering how many days of sick leave your staff are entitled to, don’t hesitate – contact us today and we’ll give you the answer you’re looking for.