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Our RoadMap (576kb)

We are embarking on a proactive journey together. Along the way we will examine • your budgets • your debts • your investments and • we will develop a sound Financial Plan suited for you.

Your Relationship with Money (329kb)

For the past 25 years, I’ve viewed, discussed and designed hundreds of financial plans. One aspect of financial life that each plan analyses is the client’s relationship with money. I’ve noticed a pattern. Our parents influence our attitudes more than we realise.

Contingent Liability Agreement (350kb)

At some time or another, a business will require credit facilities from a financial institution. Usually the financial institution will require a co-owner to sign as surety and co-principal debtor, and, in doing so, the co-owner contractually binds his or her personal estate to the liabilities of the business. Read more on what you can do to safeguard your business.

Key Person Assurance (315kb)

Key-person: an employee whose services are instrumental to the functioning and profitability of the business. Should the key-person die, become disabled or be diagnosed with a dread disease, the functioning and profitability of the business will be severely compromised. Cover will provide the funds to cover any losses incurred as a result of the incapacity of the key-person as well as the funds to find, employ and train a new key-person.

Buy & Sell (B&S) Arrangements (337kb)

A B&S arrangement is an agreement wherein a departing member agrees to sell his interest in the business to the remaining member/s in case of his death, disability or on the occurrence of some other event (e.g. dread disease).

6 Things You Should Know Before You Next Agree To An Insurance Policy(2MB)

By properly identifying risks, it is possible to decide which risks you are prepared to carry yourself, and which should be passed on to an insurer. This rough overview will help you understand how insurance products can protect your lifestyle.

Last Will checklist (420kb)

Many Financial Planners will tell you that they have a group of clients who hate the idea of drawing up a Last Will and Testament. It usually takes a death in their family to serve as a harsher warning.