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When education is a waste of time

When education is a waste of time

Education a waste of time?The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) is the official body that oversees the
development of the National Qualification Framework (NQF) in South Africa. The NQF is the system we use to determine different levels of academic achievement.

Registered training institutions offer programmes that provide specific, quality  outcomes. Doing a registered course also means that your qualification will be recognized by employers, in South Africa as well as other countries. Continue reading “When education is a waste of time”

What they don’t tell you about preparing for retirement

retirement planningWhen it comes to retirement planning, the focus usually centres on savings and the accumulation of assets. The assumption is that when you plan for retirement, your only
concern should be replacing your salary with a pension.

I think there are five equally important challenges to consider:

Continue reading “What they don’t tell you about preparing for retirement”

One size does not fit all

women independent financial securityIn our country, financial planning is seen as gender neutral. The reality is that men and women are often not on an equal playing field and this approach can have serious consequences.

Generally, women live longer than men. This means the effects of inflation have a bigger impact on their retirement income, which is particularly concerning because women do not always earn the same as their male counterparts, which effects the amount of savings they are able to accumulate. Continue reading “One size does not fit all”