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Debt – coaxing the monster out from under the bed

Debt – coaxing the monster out from under the bed

Financial monsters: As a Financial Advisor, I can sense the palpable fear and desperation when some people come to see me for the first time. It takes courage to come and, like the dentist, I am avoided until the pain of debt and fear of financial ruin become too much.

The Financial and Personal Implications of Paying Ubuntu Tax

The Financial and Personal Implications of Paying Ubuntu Tax

The meaning of the word ‘Ubuntu’ is deeply rooted in African philosophy and ideology. A Nguni  term, ‘Ubuntu’ roughly translates to ‘human kindness’ and often encompasses greater aspects of humanity and human essence, largely in relation to other people.


At Northwood Financial Services cc, we use the word ‘ubuntu’ with our clients to describe a situation that develops when our extended family expects us to be kind, even if their demands are unaffordable.

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Fees vs Commission Based Financial Planning for Property

Earlier this month, a representative from an insurance company (that will not be named) had sent me an email. Assuming that I was an Estate Agent, the email presented me with a sales tactic that would drastically increase my income from house sales had I been a property agent. Highlighting a paragraph from the email, this is how the information was presented, word for word:


“Mr. Andrew (age 45) and Mrs. Adel (age 44) Smith have just bought a R 3 million house, and their request for a home loan has just been approved. So even through transfer has not yet happened, they have now met all suspensive conditions, and hence have become liable for the full purchase value of the home.   

At this time you could sit down and assist with a Mortgage Protection Cover for the Smiths.  Continue reading “Fees vs Commission Based Financial Planning for Property”

Your Relationship with Money

Money has many uses.

Hundreds of years ago, if you were a corn farmer and wanted some meat, you could have easily gone to the market place and barter exchanged your produce for different goods. If not, you would have needed to keep trading your produce until you had found alternate goods that the meat supplier would have been happy to purchase. In a nutshell; your product only had value if someone wanted it.


Once money was invented, and started being used as a medium of exchange, it became possible to buy what you needed. Or, you could have simply stored and accumulated your wealth until you were ready to spend. As the corn farmer, your produce now became more useful as it could be exchanged for money.

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Northwood Planning Sessions – How they help you to grow your net worth

Grow your moneyWhen it comes to retirement planning and achieving financial independence, your net worth can never be too big. No matter how much you earn or what your financial goals are, a net worth that grows each year is a sign that you are on the right track – and Northwood can help you to get there. Continue reading “Northwood Planning Sessions – How they help you to grow your net worth”

My Financial Life – A South African Financial App With a Difference

nedbank-my-financial-lifeBudgeting is the first step towards wealth creation, and software companies have been quick to develop apps that help people to save money each month. Until recently, South Africans were using foreign-designed apps to manage their budgets – until Nedbank’s My Financial Life was launched. Continue reading “My Financial Life – A South African Financial App With a Difference”

Avoiding Disaster With Back-Ups

cloud-computing-backupMany small businesses are left with major headaches when a computer virus or hardware failure wipes out important business documentation like invoices and bookkeeping records. The consequences can be severe and can cost hours of productivity as you and you staff try to piece together the paperwork that has accumulated in your business over the years.

Computer failure can also create havoc for your payroll system which is computerised in most businesses today. To avoid these hassles and many others, it’s essential that you back up your documents and records on a regular basis. Continue reading “Avoiding Disaster With Back-Ups”