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Apocalypse (Not) Now – What to do now that Moody’s has downgraded RSA to junk status

Apocalypse (Not) Now – What to do now that Moody’s has downgraded RSA to junk status

It is true – the country has been down-graded by the last remaining ratings agency, Moody’s, that thought South Africa was worth investing in – somewhat. It would be really bad news, if we don’t take into consideration that the whole world is facing two crises. We are all battling the COVID-19 virus and markets are volatile everywhere.

Financial Planning for Women

Financial planning for womenMost women take on the role of caretaker in their family unit. This makes them more inclined to tend to everyone else and their needs first. Often to the detriment of their own.

One area that sees the most neglect is financial planning. When analysing a married couple’s Financial Needs (FNA), a good financial planner will work on the assumption that the marriage will end, whether because of death or divorce. Both these outcomes must be taken into consideration. Unfortunately, the female often comes off as second best. Continue reading “Financial Planning for Women”

The 5 most common financial challenges – and how to overcome them

financial-helpLike many things in life, our financial situations are often unpredictable. Unexpected events, illness, and changes in your career could send shockwaves through your monthly budget – but there are ways to prepare for financial challenges and see them through.

Here are five of the most common financial challenges you may face, and some strategies for overcoming them. Continue reading “The 5 most common financial challenges – and how to overcome them”

Your Risk Profile – Decade by Decade

age financial risk profileAs we get older, our risk of illness and disability increases – it’s one of the hard facts of life. As medical science improves year on year, our chances of living longer are constantly increasing, along with the cost of healthcare – this makes it crucially important to understand how every person’s risk profile changes as they get older. Let’s find out more. Continue reading “Your Risk Profile – Decade by Decade”

3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Will

last-will-testamentA surprising number of people will spend hours planning their savings and investments – to provide security for themselves and their families later in life – without taking the time to draft a last will and testament. There is no doubt that dying without a will in South Africa is the one sure way to put your family’s financial security at risk, but many of us still play Russian roulette with our family finances despite the risks involved – here are four reasons why every person should have a will. Continue reading “3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Will”

Money in Relationships – The Later Years

retirement-financeAs we continue our series of articles on money in relationships, we come to a crucially important time in the financial life of every person – retirement and beyond.

Most people have a working life of between 30 and 40 years, and when this time has passed it is vitally important that we’re able to retire comfortably. Unfortunately, with taxes, easy access to credit, and the high cost of living, many people find themselves unable to afford a good quality of life when they stop working. Whether you’re close to retirement age or still in the early stages of your career, it’s important that you plan carefully for your later years. Continue reading “Money in Relationships – The Later Years”

The Consumer Protection Act

consumer-protectionThe Consumer Protection Act was passed in 2008, and has been in effect since 2009. The act was inspired by the fact that consumers in South Africa are often not given value for their money and are unfortunately not always treated with fairness and honesty by service providers and retailers. Whether you provide a service in your business or consume services like we all do, you should know the basics of the Act, how it protects consumers, and what service providers need to do in order to comply with it. Continue reading “The Consumer Protection Act”

Should I book my trip online or use a travel agent?

Should I book my trip online or use a travel agent?

travel-bookingsOnline travel websites have become extremely popular over the past few years, with more and more people booking their holidays and business trips directly – but is this always a safe option?

Along with the benefits of booking your own trip, there is a very real threat of fraud when making purchases online, and travel websites are no exception. Dealing with a travel agent you know and trust won’t just save you time, but you may end up getting an even better deal than you would online – here are some reasons why you should still be using a travel agent. Continue reading “Should I book my trip online or use a travel agent?”