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What they don’t tell you about preparing for retirement

retirement planningWhen it comes to retirement planning, the focus usually centres on savings and the accumulation of assets. The assumption is that when you plan for retirement, your only
concern should be replacing your salary with a pension.

I think there are five equally important challenges to consider:

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Deadline for New Retirement Annuity Contributions Looms

retirement-annuityIt’s tax time, which means it is also retirement-annuity season.  As an investor in a retirement annuity (RA), you’re able to make ad-hoc additional payments into your funds annually, and with the deadline looming the time to top up is now.

The closing date for topping up your RA is 28 February and you should ideally let your financial advisor know a few working days before that date in order to allow for admin processing. Specialising in financial planning services Northwood will ensure that you have the most favourable RA to suit your needs. Continue reading “Deadline for New Retirement Annuity Contributions Looms”

Retirement Annuity Tax Benefits? The Deadline Looms

retirement-annuity-benefitsInvesting in a retirement annuity fund is not only a fantastic way to ensure your own long term financial future but can also, ultimately, save you money today through the various tax benefits it affords.

On the 28 February of 2015, the deadline for submitting your retirement annuity form in order to get tax benefits passes.  This means that, even if you have contributed to your retirement annuity fund, you will be ineligible for the tax benefits available if you do not meet the deadline. Continue reading “Retirement Annuity Tax Benefits? The Deadline Looms”

The Answer to Easy Retirement

easy-retirementAre you looking forward to a stress-free retirement with a comfortable income and the freedom to enjoy your life, or are you worried that your retirement portfolio just won’t be large enough to carry you through old age?

We all want an easy retirement – the best reward for decades of hard work and careful planning – but what is the secret to retiring comfortably? Is there something that people who retire comfortably do differently than the rest of us, or are they just lucky? Let’s find out. Continue reading “The Answer to Easy Retirement”

Drawing up a Retirement Inventory

retirement-inventoryAfter years of hard work, every working person looks forward to a comfortable retirement – with freedom from money worries and all the time in the world to travel, enjoy the finer things in life, and spend precious time with friends and loved ones.

The only thing standing in the way of a pleasant retirement is a lack of money, and the best way to prevent financial strain when you stop working is by drawing up a retirement inventory – let’s find out how. Continue reading “Drawing up a Retirement Inventory”