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Talking about Death and Dying – this is not the movies

Talking about Death and Dying – this is not the movies

There are as many movies about funerals and the aftermath thereof as there are genres of movies! There is a favourite cinematography device that can be applied, again, to most genres. The church and graveyard scenes fade. The next day the family arrives (separately) at very official-looking offices. Nobody makes eye contact. There are a lot of awkward silences. The executor of the estate walks in. The camera pans slowly over the faces of the prospective heirs. This is the moment of truth: the Reading Of The Will …

Still not Treating Customers Fairly

Still not Treating Customers Fairly

In 2011, the Financial Services Board (FSB) announced they would be launching Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) in South Africa. Last year, Northwood released a blog that noted a few instances of non-compliance from financial planners. TCF is a relatively new Financial Services requirement, and is meant to ensure that those who practice in the Financial Services Industry provide their clients with suitable products and services.

The Benefits of Paying UIF

As standard tax payers, we, as South African citizens contribute to UIF (the Unemployment Insurance Fund) every month.


If I were to ask why do we pay UIF, most people would respond by saying that they would be able to get financial support in the event that they were to lose their job. In a nutshell, this is true, but what most people don’t realise is that paying towards UIF means so much more…

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The importance of planning and regularly reviewing your Last Will and Testament

Discussing matters of your death with your loved ones is never an easy conversation to have, nor is there ever an ideal manner in which to approach the topic. However, doing so can save your family, assets and estates in the long run. The following article discusses the critical importance of constructing, and regularly reviewing, your Last Will and Testament.


A client of mine, Walter, married his wife in 2000. As good citizens, he and his wife made each others sole beneficiaries to each others possessions, and assigned their parents as the inheritors thereof in the event of their death.

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Reckless Lending Continues Despite Laws Banning the Practice

The term ‘Reckless Lending’ refers to a loan issued to a consumer without the credit provider assessing whether the individual is able to repay the loan.northwood-key-in-front-door-keyhole

South African law states that a credit provider should conduct a detailed financial assessment of their potential consumer/s prior to entering into a credit agreement. If the preceding dealings between the consumer and credit provider are not handled in accordance to the laws set out by the National Credit Act 34 of 2005, the client could fall victim of Reckless Lending.

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The Consumer Protection Act

consumer-protectionThe Consumer Protection Act was passed in 2008, and has been in effect since 2009. The act was inspired by the fact that consumers in South Africa are often not given value for their money and are unfortunately not always treated with fairness and honesty by service providers and retailers. Whether you provide a service in your business or consume services like we all do, you should know the basics of the Act, how it protects consumers, and what service providers need to do in order to comply with it. Continue reading “The Consumer Protection Act”

Making the Small Claims Court Work for You

small-claims-courtFrom time to time, many of us are faced with debtors who owe us relatively small amounts, in the region of several thousand Rand. While the legal costs of suing these debtors often make litigation impractical, individuals can approach the Small Claims Court to resolve the situation if debtors seem unwilling to pay. Continue reading “Making the Small Claims Court Work for You”