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Advice on first homes and first real grown-up debt

Advice on first homes and first real grown-up debt

Buying a house is a scary prospect and may be something that you have put on the back burner. You may tell yourself that you are being wise – after all the current economic climate is dicey and you may worry about the future. However, do you know that should you buy a house, you not only save on rent (in other words paying someone else’s bond) but your asset may well make a profit after the first year? This means it is one of the better debts you may enter into in your life time. Admit it, the vast majority of us yearn for a place to call our own…

Managing Rental Property

Managing rental propertyMany first-generation yuppies have come to realise that they need to enter the property market. However, most of them find that getting a home-loan of between R1 500 000 and R2 000 000 is not always possible.

The creative ones usually find a way around this dilemma by purchasing a home in the R300 000 to R700 000 price range. The home is then used to generate a rental income. The rental is often sufficient to cover their bond repayments. This leaves many of them happy landlords.

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