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BEE Registration – Your Business Will Benefit

BEE-compliant businessBEE or Black Economic Empowerment is one of the most important economic policies that have been produced in South Africa since the fall of Apartheid.

However, many people are still unclear about the details of BEE and may not realise that their business could benefit significantly from having a good BEE scorecard. Here are the facts you need to know about BEE as a business owner: Continue reading “BEE Registration – Your Business Will Benefit”

Employee Fraud: The Use of Polygraph Testing

employee-fraud-polygraphActs of theft and fraud by employees is a very serious threat to the health of any business. The effects of shrinkage on the company’s bottom line aside, an office environment where fraud is taking place is often one where members of staff are pitted against their employer, with conspiracies and insubordination being common.

Fraud investigations include the use of several tools, including the well-known polygraph or lie detector test. Continue reading “Employee Fraud: The Use of Polygraph Testing”

Employment Contracts – The Importance of a Probationary Period

Employment contract: probationary periodMany South African employers are under the impression that the country’s labour laws are heavily biased in the worker’s favour. For these employers the prospect of hiring a new member of staff may bring up images of CCMA cases, fines and other negative experiences, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Continue reading “Employment Contracts – The Importance of a Probationary Period”

Alcoholism in the Workplace

alcoholism in the workplaceA problem faced by employers throughout South Africa is the member of staff who has a drinking problem. From poor work performance to cases of intoxication on the job, alcohol and any other narcotic substance (including recreational drugs) can cause severe losses of productivity as well as workplace accidents and damage to property. Continue reading “Alcoholism in the Workplace”

Why Effective Record-Keeping is Important

warningMost employers have had to deal with the issue of disciplinary action in the course of employing members of staff. While the process of taking action against negligent or incompetent staff is clearly laid out by the law, the stress involved can be reduced by keeping records at every step.

There are various forms and stages of action that employers can take against staff who are failing to perform their duties for reasons of negligence, incompetence, lateness, or disregard for company property. From the issuing of warnings to suspensions, disciplinary hearings and eventual dismissal, the onus is on employers to record the details of each disciplinary action for future reference. From the time a member of staff receives his or her first written warning, every disciplinary action must be put down in writing, along with its outcome. Continue reading “Why Effective Record-Keeping is Important”

Unpaid Leave vs. Deductions

unpaid-leaveThe issue of leave and remuneration is one of the most common sticking points between employers and members of staff. Although the law is quite clear on the number of leave days an employee is entitled to, including annual leave, sick leave and family responsibility leave, disagreements often arise from employees taking their leave without notice. Continue reading “Unpaid Leave vs. Deductions”

Communications From Northwood

social-mediaAs a Northwood client, you have access to a variety of innovative services that will help you to manage your business and personal investments. In addition to our dedicated staff who are always at the ready to answer questions and offer professional advice, Northwood also offers clients a range of electronic information sources. Continue reading “Communications From Northwood”

Paying Absent Staff

Sick leaveMany employers are faced with the issue of staff absences on a regular basis. While it is the duty of employers to grant members of staff the leave to which they are entitled, there are specific regulations that cover payment of employees when they are absent from work.

Sick leave is a legal requirement for members of staff, and when staff are not well it is a necessity. While the majority of staff members can probably be relied upon to take sick leave only when needed, there will always be those who take advantage of the system to take a few extra days off work every year. If you are faced with the question of whether to pay staff for sick days or not, we provide a quick and easy guide to sick leave below. Continue reading “Paying Absent Staff”