• Are you avoiding telephone calls?
  • Are you struggling to sleep at night?
  • Do you avoid opening letters and emails because you haven’t made your debt payments?

Being in debt doesn’t have to ruin your life. There are various strategies you can employ to turn your debt situation around and restore your financial health – but where to start?

Northwood’s founder Nico Kleynhans has recently authored a series of eBooks on personal finance, with a strong focus on debt management. These eBooks draw on Nico’s decades of experience in the financial services industry, which has given him unique insights into the causes of debt as well as solutions for over-stretched consumers.

Bad debts are the number one cause of stress for consumers all over the world, and South Africa is no exception. If you’re struggling with your current debt load and need to find a workable solution, you’ll find the advice you need in our latest series of eBooks.

Overcoming Debt – How to Implement a System that Works

  • What to do if you’re unable to make your debt payments
  • How to escape the dreaded debt trap
  • Practical solutions for managing your debt situation and recovering financially

The following worksheets can be printed and used when working through your book:

How to Draw Up and Implement a Personal Budget

  • Key reasons why a personal budget is vitally important to your financial future
  • A practical guide to budgeting with the goal of creating personal wealth
  • Budgeting tips for people who can’t seem to balance their personal books each month

The following worksheets can be printed and used when working through your book: