About Us

NFS is a Closed Cooperation, registered through CIPRO in 1990. It is also registered as an Authorized Financial Services Provider with FSCA. (Registration number: 13296)

The Key Individual is Nico Kleynhans. He is supported by 7 full-time and 3 part-time staff members. These staff members live in New-Zealand and South Africa.

NFS operates two business units:

Personal Advising Unit (services are provided in line with FAIS regulations)

  • Individuals and couples who require once off or a range of financial advice and product-related services
  • Young Achievers – young graduates and first-time employees who seek to establish a good financial foundation

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Budget, insurance, assets and cash-flow review and planning
  • Retirement advice
  • Estate planning
  • Establishment of and diversification of income streams
  • Risk cover
  • Investment portfolio review and active management (the latter is provided at an additional, pre-determined fee and is not linked to the size of the portfolio)

Business Unit

  • Entrepreneurs who want to establish a business or service and need assistance with development of a business plan
  • Business owners who want to secure and expand their business interests and services

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Business plan and strategy analysis
  • Comprehensive model development, using The Business Model Canvas
  • Budget, insurance, assets and cash-flow review and planning
  • Tax and financial regulatory compliance

Clients reside in 11 countries and consultations can take place at the NFS offices or virtually by means of Skype or Zoom.

Business Rationale

NFS became concerned at some of the trends observed in the financial services sector:

  • Some brokers chase commissions at the expense of clients – this often leads to overselling.
  • The high turnover of staff at commission-based companies has led to lack of continuity for clients and pressure from replacement agents to abandon existing policies in favour of new products, often at a higher premium. The need of agents to generate commission often overrides the needs of the clients.
  • The complex relationships customers and clients have with money, much of which is based in messages they received from others. These relationships have led to stress and unhelpful patterns of interaction with financial matters. Another policy is not the whole answer – advice on wise investments and financial literacy is.
  • The unique challenges many individuals from previously disadvantaged communities face that may cause barriers to financial planning and wealth creation.

In answer to this, NFS has redirected its services towards an advisory, rather than commission-based model:

  • NFS customizes its service offering according to the needs of the client, not the products it intends to sell.
  • Clients will know upfront what services cost and services are guaranteed for the length of the contract.
  • Should a change in, or additional policies (risk cover) be required, NFS will wave 90% of the commission that other brokers would routinely charge.

Nico Kleynhans

Nico Kleynhans has been active in the financial services industry since 1987. In 1990, he started Northwood Financial Services CC. Committed to transparency and known for his approach of putting the client first, Nico has made it his goal to provide quality financial advice to his client base.


  • (DMS) Dip Fin M – Diploma in financial management cum laude (Damelin)
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning (Dept of Law University of Free State, RSA)
  • MBA Business School Netherlands (currently completing)


  • CFP® Licensee and member of Financial Planning Institute (FPI)
  • GTP (SA) – Registered General Tax Practitioner, registered through FPI

Public Comment

Nico is passionate about furthering public financial literacy, understanding of and debate on a range of international and national social, economic and political factors that influence the markets and lives of all. To this end, he regularly participates in:

  • Community radio programmes – both in terms of regular slots on CCFM as well as contributions to other stations that contact him, such as Cape Talk and SAFM
  • Speaking engagements – he is a regular speaker at a variety of forums, companies and business networks
  • Information provision – within the industry, amongst activists and to journalists
  • Blogs and podcasts – these are available on all major social media networks


As an ex-political detainee, he values the importance of diversity and employment opportunities across the full spectrum of SA demographics:

  • His employees represent all designated groups, as outlined in the RSA Constitution
  • Discrimination (covert or not) directed to clients or staff is actively fought
  • Active participation in decision-making is actively encouraged   

Nico is fundamentally committed improving the treatment of clients by the Financial Sector:

  • He was a member of the Financial Planners Institute Working Committee that examined Treating Clients Fairly prior to its incorporation into FAIS legislation   

He values the importance of relevant education:

  • Nico is a member of the learning programmes steering committee of the Insurance Sector and Training Authority (INSETA). The aim of the steering committee is to set the research and learning programme agenda and ensure that research outputs inform skills development interventions
  • He provides three-month learnership opportunities for students from Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) – it is a regulatory requirement for these students to graduate. 

 He values development and employment opportunities across the lifespan:

  • Nico provides further opportunities for some students who had completed their INSETA learnerships at Northwood Financial Services CC to gain further experience through one-year contracts.
  • These can lead to additional opportunities for advancement within his company:
  • He places emphasis on lifelong learning for all staff and leads by example. He is currently busy with his MBA through Business School Netherlands. A condition of employment is furthering one’s studies. Other staff members are busy with a National Diploma in Human Resources, a BA degree in Human Resources and B. Com post-graduate studies in finance. He believes well-educated staff are best at providing appropriate financial advising services and cannot be replaced by algorithms.