A victim of crime

victim of crime

The world is rife with criminals wanting to help themselves to your hard-earned cash or belongings. Crime can strike anyone at any time, and with cybercrime on the rise, banks often send out notifications warning us to be vigilant, lest we become another statistic.

However, nothing beats a good old fashioned mugging.

I was attacked in the street the other day. My wallet and mobile were taken from me by two thugs I can only assume were druggies looking for their next fix. Within a minute, my identity disappeared. Obviously, the cash in my wallet is gone, but they even used my stolen ID to cash in the points on my PnP Smart Shopper card.

Home affairs are experiencing a severe backlog, so the ETA on my replacement ID cannot be confirmed. In the meantime, I meander in a weird space while I assess the damage, and try to replace what I have lost.

Hindsight is 20/20, and I’ve been asking myself what I could have done differently. One of the lessons I learnt, is that pockets are far better than hands for carrying your wallet. Secondly, I should have had two wallets. One for often used loyalty cards, and a second for my bank and credit cards. I am struggling to replace several of my loyalty cards, so a detailed list of them would have been helpful.

Fortunately, my mobile phone had a good security system, and I was able to render it completely useless once it had been liberated. Attempting to replace the SIM card would simply lock the device permanently.

I have also learnt not to carry my home address on my keys. Muggers move quickly to take advantage of confusion.

As for the trauma, that is significantly harder to deal with. I did not try to resist; my life is worth more than my possessions. What I know for sure, is that I will not be revisiting that part of Cape Town anytime soon.

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