The Virtual Office

Virtual officeWhen businesses started using fax machines, it revolutionised the way documents were sent to clients and suppliers. Gone were the days of using costly courier or postage services to communicate. While most businesses still make use of fax machines, almost all office communication is done via email.

Advances in tele-communications and information technology have been astronomical. This has quite naturally, lead to the establishment of virtual offices.

The concept of a virtual office challenges the perception of work being a place to go to. At Northwood Financial Services, we aim to stay abreast of the technological advances that make doing business simpler. Our media officer, who ensures that all our online content is published, does so from New Zealand, while our staff-writer communicates with us almost exclusively via Skype. Skype is also our preferred method of meeting with clients who are abroad.

Our latest endeavour is a WhatsApp broadcast group. This is how we communicate
important bits of information to our clients in real-time.

Much like the humble fax machine, the increase of virtual offices is slowly changing the way we conduct business.

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