Shoddy Short-Term Cover

Car insuranceDealing with insurance companies when trying to settle a claim is a nightmare many of us can attest to. The experience leaves many clients disillusioned, and they tend not to involve their insurers if the damage to their property is minimal.

In two recent incidents, involving MiWay and Auto & General clients, the claimants had no choice but to claim. The accidents were caused when they were rear-ended while stationary at a traffic light. They had done nothing wrong. The vehicles were towed to these insurers’ approved panel beating workshop after the collision. Four weeks later, repairs still hadn’t started on either vehicle.

When the panel beaters were unable to complete the job, why was neither insurer
prepared to remove and reallocate the vehicles? Surely there should be processes in place to monitor the efficiency of repairs? Why do they continue sending vehicles to nonperforming workshops? In these instances, the optional replacement car rental plan would not have been sufficient. Most plans only cover you for between 15 to 30 days.

The constant back and forth with an insurance company can be extremely stressful. This is usually when frustration with the process leads to an online name-and-shame session. At what point could we claim for the unnecessary inconvenience?

When you next review your short-term insurance policy, I suggest reading the annual
Ombudsman report on short-term insurers before deciding where to place your business.

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