Giving yourself a gift

Reward for achieving goalHave you ever considered giving yourself an annual gift?

Or maybe a monthly one (on a smaller scale)?

I have a relative who has a very limited budget, but once a month when she achieves her goal, she treats herself by driving to the beach and ordering the biggest ice cream cone she can find. She savours every mouthful while listening to her favorite Gospel singers. If she feels really good, she will even sing along with the noisy gulls while they beg for food. Two slices of bread encourage them to stay close by.

She feels as if she is in control, rather than just surviving from day to day.

Some ideas for your own reward:

  • Make a list of your achievements for the previous 12 months. Write down the approach you used to achieve them.
  • Now List the challenges which still await you. Describe them as best you can.
  • Decide on a strategy to meet those challenges. Write this down next to the challenge.
  • Design a reward system for each goal that you meet – one that doesn’t require you to spend a huge amount of money.

Now whether you treat yourself to an ice cream at the beach like my relative or something else that is special to you, enjoy your reward! And maybe you can sing along too.


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