New cash and card free payment services offered by SnapScan and Zapper

Most of us have visited food fairs or farmer’s markets and realised that we don’t have enough cash on us to buy all of the goods we’ve selected. As not many of these stall holders have credit card machines, we’re left to scurry around to find an ATM.

Gone are the days of scrambling in our pockets and purses for spare change, as a new payment service is available. SnapScan and Zapper are two very clever apps that have revolutionised the average payment process.


Harnessing the power of innovative technology and digital innovation, both SnapScan and Zapper have developed platforms for card and cash free payments. By simply downloading the respective apps from the various app stores, consumers are able to use their smartphones to make quick and convenient payments for various goods.

Where Zapper is used exclusively for restaurant payments, SnapScan is available as a payment method across various platforms; including at markets, bars and restaurants, as well as at checkout during online shopping processes and invoices. You can also use SnapScan to purchase your latest issue of the Big Issue from vendors, as well as to pay certain car guards and parking attendants.
All you need to do is download the app, enter your personal details, link your credit card and choose a 4-digit pin code. Then, when you are ready to make a payment of sorts, simply scan the SnapScan or Zapper barcode (either on your bill, invoice or provided at the merchant till) with the in-app camera. Once the barcode is scanned, you’re able to enter the required amount for payment, and add gratuity if need be. Your card details are 100% safe as both apps use secure encryption software on your phone to protect your personal and banking details.

Payment is immediate, and the merchant will receive an sms notification confirming your payment and the amount thereof. The cost to the merchant (or stall holder) is a mere 3% per month, with no ongoing monthly charge. As these apps use cashless and cardless payment systems, there is no threat of your card being cloned. Furthermore, the stall holders benefit tremendously from being able to carry less cash, thus having more security in their respective stalls. A win-win for both parties.

For more information, visit the SnapScan and Zapper websites.

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  1. Can SnapScan and Zapper be used for schools too? I need something for the parents to pay their school fees at school.

    Does everybody pay the same % over to you? Do we get a monthly statement which show all the transactions?

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