New Year Planning Sessions

A Great Financial Start to 2015

financial strategyAs the first two weeks of December roll by and companies prepare to wrap up business for the year, business owners often find themselves thinking about the year ahead – and one of the best ways to ensure that 2015 is a successful year in business is by scheduling an early planning session in the New Year.

An opportunity to reflect, plan, and prepare

The slow weeks in December and January don’t have to be wasted – they are a great time to plan for the year ahead, and Northwood is here to assist you all the way. During a New Year’s planning session, we take a look at our clients’ financial performance over the past year, celebrate their success and help them to identify areas of their businesses that need attention.

  • January is the perfect month to plan your business activities for the year ahead – and to prepare for tax season starting in February.
  • The quiet weeks at the beginning of the year also create an opportunity to take inventory, catch up on any year-end bookkeeping that may have been overlooked during the festive season, and carry out any renovations or improvements that may be necessary at your premises.
  • Returning to work after a well-deserved festive break means that you’ll be rejuvenated and ready to take on the year’s challenges with optimism and enthusiasm – something that very few people can achieve at the end of a long year.

How well have you done over the past year?

Each business is different – and so is each year. During our planning sessions, we take a look at key indicators that reveal how well your business has done over the past 12 months and help you to improve your performance. These indicators include:

  • Revenue
  • Profit
  • Number of sales
  • Value of sales
  • Changes in your staff or labour disputes
  • Taxation issues
  • Goal-setting and how well you achieved your business goals
  • Financial admin and accounting matters

These are just some of the elements that every successful business needs to have in place in order to thrive – and the better they are, the better your company will do over the next year.

By analysing your company’s income and expenses, the Northwood team will help you to maximise your profit, while taking a look at strategies you can use to boost your overall business income.

Accounting and tax are two vitally important aspects of every business – and sadly, many entrepreneurs don’t have enough time to focus on them. Our team assists clients with their bookkeeping and accounting needs, while preparing them to submit their tax returns without any unnecessary stress.

Motivating you to succeed

Finally, an early financial planning session creates an opportunity for us to touch base with our clients and understand their goals for the year. Achieving the right turnover, growth and profit is only possible if you are motivated to succeed and have the tools to do so – and we aim to give you these through our planning sessions.

If you’d like to give your business a boost this New Year, contact Northwood today.

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