Setting The Right Business Goals For Success

business-goalsWe all dream of becoming happier and more successful – that’s human nature. The desire to progress in life and reach new heights in both your business and personal life is a strong motivator, but many people struggle to make these dreams a reality – the solution to this common problem is effective goal-setting.

Why are goals so easy to set and so hard to achieve?

Most people agree that setting goals is an important ingredient in the success of any person or business, and it’s true that ambitious goals inspire us to work harder – but why are so many goals left unachieved? If you’re struggling to attain your goals, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are my goals realistic? – You may have your eyes set on R5 million in profits this year, but how about trying for R1 million in turnover first and taking it from there? As long as you can see real progress each quarter, you’re on the path to success.
  • Are my goals really someone else’s goals?  – If you allow yourself to be swayed by someone else’s suggestions, you may end up working very hard to achieve something you don’t really want in the first place. Make sure that your goals align with your own vision and your plan for your business or career.
  • Do I express my goals in positive language? It’s a sad reality that many professionals and business owners think about their goals in terms of what they  can’tdo or don’t want to do. This negative mind-set can creep into all areas of your work and life, causing you stress and anxiety. By setting positive goals, you’ll feel liberated and approach your challenges with new energy.

Sticking to your goals – how to check up on yourself

Some people seem to be naturally disciplined and goal-oriented, putting in extremely long hours and giving their all until their goals are achieved – they are often labelled workaholics. For the rest of us, who try to balance our work and personal lives in the crazy modern world, a schedule of goals and regular self-checks are necessary for us to stay on the right track.

Working with a friend or trusted colleague, make a list of all the professional goals you’d like to achieve this year. Once you’ve done this, you should set a timeframe for achieving your goals – don’t forget to schedule a “check-in” with yourself every few weeks (or even weekly) where you assess your progress and move yourself closer to success.

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