From advising individuals on investment decisions to designing tailor-made solutions for businesses and self-employed professionals, Northwood builds on decades of experience to deliver valuable advice to its clients.

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Personal Finance Advice

I have come to NFS because in ten years I bought ten policies thinking this would create wealth for me. I am about to be retrenched, and my broker tells me I have no access to cash. It now seems that the only reason that I was sold these was to keep my broker earning money!

At NFS, we have seen similar scenarios play itself out for 28 years. Fortunately, it does not have to be this way! We provide advice and boost your financial knowledge base, so that you are empowered to make the best choices, BEFORE it’s a crisis. Should you need insurance products, we will only accept 10% of the commission brokers are entitled to, in order to cover our administrative costs. The rest we pass on to you as a discount of up to 35% for the life of your policy.

Diversifying Income Streams

After my divorce I realised that, with three kids to feed, the settlement was pathetic, and my job does not pay enough. Your ideas of multiple income streams sounds wonderful.

Divorcees and widows often face the same dilemma – they may have assets, but no income streams.  We recognised that the divorce settlement left Mary with a house with a fairly steep bond debt. We were able to turn this into an asset through creating a passive income stream for her.  

Business Coaching

Starting out on my own has been difficult. My business is a year old, and every month-end is a nightmare! I have new clients who always pay late. I cannot even afford a new panel van for another work crew. How do I deal with this practically and strategically?

At NFS we recognise that over 80% of new businesses stand to fail, not because the entrepreneur has a bad business idea, but because running a business can be lonely, and practical support is limited. We provide a safe space to learn tailor-made financial literacy and business skills.

Young Achievers

I am grateful for my family and the sacrifices they made to get me through university. My mom is a single parent and has arthritis. My younger sister is finishing matric and wants to study next year. Now that I have my first ‘real’ job I need to look the part…and then there’s my student debt…  How do I help all of us AND secure my financial future?

NFS understands the pressures and temptations a recent graduate faces when entering the world of work. We have developed a programme that assists with these factors, but that also takes into account that young people face unique financial challenges.

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Financial advising is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances.

These are some of the aspects Nico Kleynhans and his team will cover:

  • Retirement planning – we will assist you with future planning so that you can retire comfortably when you want to
  • Insurance policies – we will assess the value and relevance of your existing cover and help you to make adjustments to these, if necessary
  • Budgeting techniques we will explain the best techniques for this, so that you end each month with a surplus to invest
  • Multiple income streams – we can explain and assist you with diversifying your assets and income streams, leading to greater financial security and wealth creation
  • Your financial priorities – we focus on what you need, want and value, instead of chasing commission for ourselves