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  • Have you received a letter from SARS saying that you owe them taxes, causing you stress and anxiety?
  • Have you been out of touch with your accountant for a long period of time, specifically 5 months or longer?
  • When you do speak to your accountant, do you understand the language he uses to describe your finances or those of your business, or are you left scratching your head afterwards?
  • Do you run your business according to your bank balance, hoping that a quiet month or unexpected expenses won’t compromise your cash flow?
  • Do you sometimes find yourself in a situation where funds are limited or dry up altogether?

CONTACT US to ensure you are not paying too much tax!

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your business may be in a tight spot taxation wise. Fortunately, Tax Shop Muizenberg is able to advise business owners on all tax-related issues as well as preparing monthly, quarterly, and annual returns for your company.

Accurate Figures = Sensible Business Decisions

Tax Shop Muizenberg approaches the issue of taxation in a practical and straightforward way, cutting through the accounting jargon to provide you with a summary of your business’s financial situation which is easy to understand.

By providing us with the necessary information, you’ll allow us to produce accurate figures for your business which will assist you in cash flow management and HR decisions.

When Tax Shop Muizenberg takes a business on as a taxation client, we perform a 6-point check with various regulators to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. You’ll also be informed about changes in legislation and other issues which may affect your company’s tax situation.

Taxation Services


With Tax Shop Muizenberg’s Tax Services, dealing with SARS will become an easy experience as you submit accurate returns and avoid any pitfalls of the taxation process with sound advice at each step.

Take the hassle out of taxation – contact us today for a tax consultation and let us handle your taxes while you focus on running your business.