Practical Implications of the 2012 Budget – Part 1

national budget 2012The 2012 National Budget was met with mixed responses from many investment analysts and financial advisors. While the treasury’s goal of reducing deficits gave confidence to many analysts who were concerned about the levels of government borrowing in South Africa, the annual deficit may be capped by increased tariffs and taxation. For South African investors, especially those approaching retirement, there are several practical implications of the Budget which should be noted. Continue reading

How to Budget – Part Two

expensesIn part one, we explained the process of drawing up your monthly expenditures and comparing these to your income to find out if your budget balances. In part two we look at ways of cutting expenditure to achieve a surplus or at least balance your budget.

Remember, the monthly expenses we listed in part one included retirement and emergency savings, so even if you just manage to balance your budget you are still on the right track. Continue reading