The 6 Steps of Financial Planning

financial planningOne of the most important tools in ensuring wealth creation during the course of your working life is the process of financial planning. Most people work hard toward certain goals in life, focussing a great deal of energy on their careers and families. Unfortunately, with the pressures of work and the responsibilities of family life, few people have the time and expertise to plan their finances precisely.

Financial planners are trained to assist you with a variety of important decisions and strategies that are designed to maximise wealth creation and help you to plan for costly life events such as purchasing property and motor vehicles, sending your children to school and university, and of course planning for your retirement. They also specialise in estate planning, tax advice, and can assist you in managing your small business to maximise your wealth. Continue reading

Embracing Reality: The Cynic’s Financial Guide

Money guideWhile it may be beneficial to have a positive outlook on life, when it comes to finances a healthy dose of realism goes a very long way! Here are a few financial realities that will help you in your planning:

Unequal financial marriages never last. Unless you and your partner are both financially independent, relationship or marriage problems will eventually arise even in the happiest of couples. Strive for financial independence; it is the surest path to equality in your relationship.

Your salary alone won’t make you wealthy. No matter how much your boss pays, you will never successfully create wealth without investments. Plan your investments and be disciplined in your spending. In the long term you will build a solid base of personal wealth that will allow you to live the way you want to. Continue reading