Cashless Banking: FNB Launches GeoPayments

electronic-bankingWith the digital banking revolution taking hold in South Africa, bank clients are taking advantage of enhanced services which are available on tablet and smart phone devices. Besides the better-known electronic banking services like EFTs and balance enquiries via cell phone and tablet, FNB customers can now also make cashless payments to each other, provided that they are in the same location. Continue reading

Drawing Cash Using Your Cell phone

cash-from-cellphoneJust when you thought electronic banking couldn’t get any smarter, there is now a method of drawing cash by using your cell phone – no bank cards required.

Over the past two decades, South Africans have opted to pay by card or EFT for most purchases, with the cost of clearing cheques increasing and the safety issues involved in carrying large amounts of cash discouraging bank clients from making large withdrawals. However, there are times when you just can’t do without cold hard cash. Continue reading