Spreading Risk in Retirement Investments

retirementToday, people of working age face a bigger challenge in planning their retirement than at any time in the past. If you’re anywhere between 25 and 55, the way you invest your retirement savings could make the difference between financial security and money problems in old age – here are some ways you can spread your investment risk and come out on top. Continue reading

Running a Tight Plan – Financial Management for Retired People

retirement-lifestyleIf you’re close to retirement age or have already bowed out of the working world, you’ll need to keep an eye on your budget to make sure that your quality of life doesn’t drop during your golden years.

If you’ve planned your retirement well by budgeting and saving each month during your working years, you shouldn’t have much trouble keeping to a healthy monthly budget during retirement. Here are some financial tips specifically for retired people that will help you get the most out of your monthly income. Continue reading

Your ideal pension portfolio – don’t rely on RAs alone

retirement-RAAfter decades of hard work and careful financial management, most of us look forward to a comfortable retirement – but is your portfolio structured in the right way to make this a reality? Let’s explore the elements of a balanced retirement portfolio and find out whether we are relying too heavily on Retirement Annuities. Continue reading