How much Dread Disease Cover do you need?

dread-disease insurance coverDread diseases – including cancer, heart attacks and other coronary diseases, and strokes – are responsible for millions of deaths and disabilities around the world each year. While the thought of contracting these diseases is far from pleasant, the reality is that any of us could have the misfortune of suffering from these illnesses at some point during our lives. Continue reading

The difference between Income Replacement Cover and Permanent Disability Insurance

disability injury insuranceA serious disability, be it temporary or permanent, can have serious financial implications for any working person. Lost income, the inability to work, and a drop in quality of life are just some of the harsh realities that you could face without income replacement cover or disability insurance – but which type of insurance is right for you? Continue reading

Commission-Based Brokers vs. Fees-Based Brokers

“A broker is someone who invests your money until it’s all gone.” – Woody Allen

Does your broker operate on a commission basis, receiving incentives from insurance and investment companies for each policy they sell, or do they charge their clients a flat fee for the advice they give? If you’re wondering what the difference is between these two approaches, and how they affect you as a client, here is an explanation that may surprise you. Continue reading

Broker’s Fees vs Commission

broker fees vs commissionIf you’ve taken out an insurance or investment policy you’ll probably remember that your broker received a payment for advising you on the right package and guiding you through the process of signing the forms. What you may not realise is that quite often the broker receives a commission from the insurer or financial services company on every policy that is signed. What is the difference between a broker’s fee and a commission, and what have you been paying in the past? Continue reading

Insurance – How it Protects Your Lifestyle

fire-insurance-policyInsurance in all its forms – home insurance, car insurance, income insurance, and medical insurance – is the best protection from the unexpected events that take place in all our lives. Considering the value of our homes and vehicles, and how much we rely on our monthly incomes, a surprising number of people still don’t have adequate insurance cover – in fact some people don’t have insurance at all. Continue reading