Bringing about change in a business

managing-change-staff-resistanceMaking changes to the way a business operates from time to time is essential for every entrepreneur. As the economy changes and competitors change their strategies, your business will need to change in order to stay competitive and continue its growth and profitability.

Bringing about change in your business may be easy on paper – it’s not difficult to sit down and think of ways to make any company more efficient – but implementing those changes may not be as simple as you think. There are several reasons for this difficulty, including the need to invest in new equipment, skills shortages in your company, or a staff that resists change. Continue reading

Why You Should Ask For Referrals

new-employee-referral-checkOne of the most difficult things about selecting a new member of staff through the interview process is that you may not know for certain whether your new employee will really be able to deliver on the job. Applicants may have excellent CVs – and look good on paper – but will your new staff member gel with the other members of your staff, and how reliable and trustworthy is the person? To help you decide the answer to these questions, you should insist on referrals from every job applicant you interview. Continue reading

All on Board – Minimising Staff Resistance to Changes

employeesEntrepreneurs are known for their great ideas, and quite often that is the key to their success. Many business owners are keen to make changes to the way their enterprises are run, being passionate about the growth and development of the business and keen to see it succeed.

However, as good as an innovative idea may be, it can only be effective if members of staff are willing to implement it correctly. If you’re having trouble with staff resistance to changes in your business, here are some strategies to overcome this all-too-common challenge: Continue reading

Retrenchment – The Financial Impact

retrenchmentSince the 2009 recession, thousands of South Africans have found themselves retrenched by businesses that are struggling to survive in the current economic conditions. Although the recession is considered old news by some, companies continue to retrench people on a regular basis. If you’re concerned that you may be in line for retrenchment in the future, this short guide will assist you in planning for your financial future. Continue reading

BEE Registration – Your Business Will Benefit

BEE-compliant businessBEE or Black Economic Empowerment is one of the most important economic policies that have been produced in South Africa since the fall of Apartheid.

However, many people are still unclear about the details of BEE and may not realise that their business could benefit significantly from having a good BEE scorecard. Here are the facts you need to know about BEE as a business owner: Continue reading

Employee Fraud: The Use of Polygraph Testing

employee-fraud-polygraphActs of theft and fraud by employees is a very serious threat to the health of any business. The effects of shrinkage on the company’s bottom line aside, an office environment where fraud is taking place is often one where members of staff are pitted against their employer, with conspiracies and insubordination being common.

Fraud investigations include the use of several tools, including the well-known polygraph or lie detector test. Continue reading