Upcoming increases to the cost of electricity, and the effect on your pocket

Nersa (the National Energy Regulator of South Africa) has granted Eskom approval to increase its tariffs for the 2016/2017 year. Initially, in November of last year, Eskom had requested a value of R22.8 billion from Nersa to recover costs lost over the 2013/2014 period. In trying to balance the interests and cost implications of both the energy producers and South Africa’s general consumers, Nersa granted half of what was initially requested – roughly R11.2 billion. Thus, consumers will face a 9.4% increase to the standard electricity tariff, effective from the 1st of April 2016.

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Bouncing Back From Holiday Overspend

holiday-budgetThe end of year holidays are always something to look forward to as individuals are afforded some much-deserved time to kick back and relax with their families.  However, the holiday season is also undeniably a double-edged sword, and not only because of the time you’re forced to spend with in-laws!

For most members of the human species, the end of year holiday often represents a financial black hole as strict budgets and all sense of frugality fly out the window in exchange for gifting, bubbly champagne and tender turkey.  If this holiday overspend rings a bell – fear not, as bouncing back from a holiday indulgence is in fact very possible through the implementation of some key steps!! Continue reading

Spending habits – how we learn them and how they can be changed

spending-habitsHave you ever opened your credit card statement and wanted to kick yourself over all the money you spent?

Maybe you’ve sat down and counted all the unnecessary items you bought this year and wish you could have saved that money for a holiday or put it away for a rainy day – or maybe you just can’t figure out why you’re not able to save enough each month…

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Making Changes in Your Life

budget for new lifeAre you meeting your savings and investment targets, or does it feel like you just don’t have enough money left over each month to build your financial future? If you’re worried about your financial goals, there’s good news – by making small changes in your life each day you’ll end up happier, less stressed, and richer. Here’s how. Continue reading

The Importance of a Business Budget

business-budgetDo you know how much revenue your business takes in and how much your expenses come to in an average month? If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you may think you are too busy with the actual running of the business to worry about figures like these, but you could be missing out on a powerful management tool. In this article we introduce the concept of a business budget and explain how you can start to set one up. Continue reading

Building up reserves for the holidays

planning-holiday-financesJanuary is the month when a lot of people avoid opening their credit card statements, and for good reason – the December spending spree creates a nasty debt surprise for millions of people around the world every year.

December is the month when most South Africans overspend, with year-end coastal holidays, Christmas, and the new school year taking a serious bite out of most family finances. Despite many workers receiving bonuses in December, it’s rare to meet someone who starts the year with solid finances – let’s aim to be that rare person. Continue reading