Building Your Business

Standard Bank recently sponsored a series of interactions between a business coach and some of their customers. While the series gave an insight into how coaches work, the value of the interactions from the viewers’ point of view was limited.

Our Business Builder Series does exactly what our name implies: we help you build your business! You will naturally do much of the work, but in the process you will learn the art of “How To”.

According to Small Business Association USA:

  • 3/10 businesses fail within 2 years
  • half of all businesses fail within 5 years.

Why not improve your chances of survival?

Take our short course (or simply a section) and build up a toolkit to help your business survive. Our course will answer the following questions:

  • How can I turn my Vision into a business?
  • How do I design a Business Model?
  • I am working all the time, yet I never seem to have any money? Why?
  • Some of my clients seem to demand all my time, yet bring in almost no income. How can I identify my profitable clients?
  • Why do my loyal clients not refer other potential clients?
  • Someone told me that I need to use my Key Relationships to become more competitive. What do they mean?
  • My staff behave badly, but I’m too afraid to react. How do I take control again?

Not only will you benchmark nine characteristics of your business, you will have a chance to make changes while under supervision of a Certified Financial Planner®.

ClickMeeting® will be used for our video and internet communications. All you need is internet access.

Those who have completed the course experience increases of between 50% and 300% of in revenues.

You can do the entire course or simply a few sessions.

Course(s) can be paid for using your Credit Card. Contact us now for more details on the course or how to join!