Deadline for New Retirement Annuity Contributions Looms

retirement-annuityIt’s tax time, which means it is also retirement-annuity season.  As an investor in a retirement annuity (RA), you’re able to make ad-hoc additional payments into your funds annually, and with the deadline looming the time to top up is now.

The closing date for topping up your RA is 28 February and you should ideally let your financial advisor know a few working days before that date in order to allow for admin processing. Specialising in financial planning services Northwood will ensure that you have the most favourable RA to suit your needs. Continue reading

Preparing for the 2015 National Budget

National Budget South AfricaThe annual reading of the National Budget always represents an exciting time to those concerned with the financial side of life as South Africa’s head of finance lays down the government’s goals and new policies designed to take the country forward.

There is, contrary to popular belief, a lot of thought and effort that goes into each annual budget with an immense amount of prior planning necessary.  To truly understand the direction in which the 2015 National Budget will head, one must analyse the preparation process. Continue reading

Allan Gray Equity Fund Proposed Changes – How to Respond

allen-gray-changeRecently Allan Gray sent out a notice that they were looking to change some aspects of their equity fund, however, the actual implementation of these changes essentially boils down to whether their investors vote in favour of the new mandate or against it.  So what are some of the most important changes made to the fund? Continue reading

Bouncing Back From Holiday Overspend

holiday-budgetThe end of year holidays are always something to look forward to as individuals are afforded some much-deserved time to kick back and relax with their families.  However, the holiday season is also undeniably a double-edged sword, and not only because of the time you’re forced to spend with in-laws!

For most members of the human species, the end of year holiday often represents a financial black hole as strict budgets and all sense of frugality fly out the window in exchange for gifting, bubbly champagne and tender turkey.  If this holiday overspend rings a bell – fear not, as bouncing back from a holiday indulgence is in fact very possible through the implementation of some key steps!! Continue reading

Retirement Annuity Tax Benefits? The Deadline Looms

retirement-annuity-benefitsInvesting in a retirement annuity fund is not only a fantastic way to ensure your own long term financial future but can also, ultimately, save you money today through the various tax benefits it affords.

On the 28 February of 2015, the deadline for submitting your retirement annuity form in order to get tax benefits passes.  This means that, even if you have contributed to your retirement annuity fund, you will be ineligible for the tax benefits available if you do not meet the deadline. Continue reading

Preparing for Tax Season

Why it’s better to start right now

taxes-financesBetween the 25th and 27th of February next year, SARS offices around the country will be swamped with business owners and accounting professionals as they brave the long lines to submit their VAT and provisional tax returns.

If you’d like to avoid the stress and frustration of late submissions and last-minute paperwork, here are some things you can do right now to prepare for tax season. Continue reading

The Best Performing Funds of 2014

financial-investingThere are numerous investment funds out there and sometimes it becomes a little difficult to determine which is the best suited for you.

It is important to note that all funds have different risks and returns associated with them. The general rule is the higher the potential return, the higher the risk of loss. Although some funds are less risky than others, all funds have some level of risk – this is a true for all investments.

Here is a look at some of the top performing South African funds of 2014. Continue reading

The 5 most common financial challenges – and how to overcome them

financial-helpLike many things in life, our financial situations are often unpredictable. Unexpected events, illness, and changes in your career could send shockwaves through your monthly budget – but there are ways to prepare for financial challenges and see them through.

Here are five of the most common financial challenges you may face, and some strategies for overcoming them. Continue reading