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Nico Kleynhans

Nico Kleynhans CFP® Licensee, GTP (SA), (DMS) Dip Fin M, Registered General Tax Practitioner (SAIT)

Nico Kleynhans has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Committed to transparency and known for his approach of putting the client first, Nico has made it his goal to provide quality financial advice to his client base since he established Northwood Financial Services in 1990.

Concerned at some of the trends he saw in the financial services sector, including the tendency of some brokers to chase commissions and the racist policies that existed in the sector during the late 1980s, Nico set about to change the way things were done in his industry, by being the change he wanted to see. Striving to provide his clients with the best advice on insurance and investment policies, retirement planning, taxation issues and HR matters, Nico is committed to placing his clients’ needs first in every situation. As a result, Nico took the decision to operate Northwood without taking commissions from insurers or investment companies, charging an advisory fee only.

In 2000 Nico obtained his Post-Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, and was accepted as a Certified Financial Planner™ – a certification recognised in 21 countries across the globe. In 2005 Nico completed a Diploma in Financial Management, which he received with distinction. These further qualifications have allowed him to provide cutting-edge financial advice to his clients, a further step in his vision for the Northwood Group.

Nico is actively involved in mentoring the next generation of students through a mentorship programme with the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). Young graduates have the opportunity to gain practical experience during an internship period at Northwood, learning Nico’s progressive approach toward clients along with on-the-job experience.

Nico’s commitment to fairness and honesty in client dealings has inspired him to take a role in the South African legislative process. He is one of the 10 people who meet with the Financial Planners Institute Working Committee, which participates in our country’s law-making process. Nico is currently advocating for legislation that would protect clients when they decide to switch from one policy or investment company to another. The hefty penalties and additional charges that clients presently pay are of concern to Nico, and he is currently helping to formulate Treating Customers Fairly legislation that would reduce the red tape involved in the financial industry.

Contact Nico: nico@northwood.co.za