Intern Segment: Recapping My First Few Months of Interning at Northwood


Earlier this year, we welcomed two new students from CPUT into the Northwood Financial Services cc family.

This is Naledi Loni’s recap of her internship thus far.

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“It was the start of a new journey. My usual route from home to campus totally changed. The excitement of meeting new people and the fear of adapting to this new working environment played in my mind. Through all of these emotions, the drive and eagerness to learn overcame my fears and nerves.

My first day of my three-month-long in-serving period started on the 1st of July 2016 at 08:30. A morning meeting with my mentor was the first thing on schedule. Afterward, I expected to receive a pile of filing, errands to complete or a jumble of administrative work, but I was totally wrong!
Before I was given duties and work, I spent a full 2 week period based on getting to know my mentor as an individual and not as a Financial Advisor. This process provided me with the opportunity to learn new traits about myself which I wasn’t previously aware of, and it was also a platform for identifying my strengths and personal areas of growing. Through this process, I learned how to face my fears which acted as obstacles in believing that I am capable of achieving my goals.

I’m in the last days of my second month right now and I can say with conviction that I dislike filing: having to deal with piles of paperwork and ensuring that they are filed in the correct folder. Arrgh! This entails reading the document, figuring out whether which Financial Period it falls in and following the structure of the model for filing. And, throughout all of these processes, one needs to ensure that each of the 52-page documents is scanned. I have so much respect for people who deal with admin work!

Dealing with numbers is much better than having to read the paperwork. My mood would be so much better when I had to complete bookkeeping tasks. Sometimes, the usual mistakes, such as miscalculating formulas, would occur. I’m one of those individuals who hates making mistakes, but I’ve learned that through those mistakes, that is how one learns.

northwood_financial_services_interns_5What I have learned so far at Northwood Financial Services cc has completely changed my perspective on the importance of planning and securing my future as a young person. As a student who is still dependent on their parents, one doesn’t often realise the risk that you incur in once your parents can no longer provide for you. Taking into consideration where you might be in 5 years’ time, and drafting a 5-year goal-plan for yourself is important, because as young people we tend to go with the flow.

This experience has definitely opened my mind and exposed me to the core problems of finances for both companies and individuals.”

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