Deadline for New Retirement Annuity Contributions Looms

retirement-annuityIt’s tax time, which means it is also retirement-annuity season.  As an investor in a retirement annuity (RA), you’re able to make ad-hoc additional payments into your funds annually, and with the deadline looming the time to top up is now.

The closing date for topping up your RA is 28 February and you should ideally let your financial advisor know a few working days before that date in order to allow for admin processing. Specialising in financial planning services Northwood will ensure that you have the most favourable RA to suit your needs. Continue reading

Preparing for the 2015 National Budget

National Budget South AfricaThe annual reading of the National Budget always represents an exciting time to those concerned with the financial side of life as South Africa’s head of finance lays down the government’s goals and new policies designed to take the country forward.

There is, contrary to popular belief, a lot of thought and effort that goes into each annual budget with an immense amount of prior planning necessary.  To truly understand the direction in which the 2015 National Budget will head, one must analyse the preparation process. Continue reading