The 5 most common financial challenges – and how to overcome them

financial-helpLike many things in life, our financial situations are often unpredictable. Unexpected events, illness, and changes in your career could send shockwaves through your monthly budget – but there are ways to prepare for financial challenges and see them through.

Here are five of the most common financial challenges you may face, and some strategies for overcoming them. Continue reading

Spending habits – how we learn them and how they can be changed

spending-habitsHave you ever opened your credit card statement and wanted to kick yourself over all the money you spent?

Maybe you’ve sat down and counted all the unnecessary items you bought this year and wish you could have saved that money for a holiday or put it away for a rainy day – or maybe you just can’t figure out why you’re not able to save enough each month…

Chances are, like millions of people around the world, your spending habits are the cause. Continue reading