Our Value Proposition

financial value-propositionAt Northwood, we take a unique approach to financial consulting – we work for our clients.

Financial plans that clear the way for success

Everyone has their own unique set of goals and values in life. Northwood builds on your financial needs and life goals to create a financial plan that will put you on the path to success.

Whether you’re aiming for debt reduction, early retirement, a solid education for your children, or the holiday home of your dreams, we’ll help you reach your goals.
We will work with you to establish a financial plan that will help you improve your lifestyle – and maintain it in the future.

Building a rewarding relationship with money

The way you think about money has a big influence on the way you spend it. Once your financial plan is in place, we will work with you to create a healthy relationship with money. By lowering your debt, cutting out pointless expenses, and taking control of your finances, you’ll soon be on the path to wealth creation.

Learning to budget and manage your personal cash flow

It’s very difficult to create wealth without a surplus at the end of each month. To help you save and invest for success, we will help you to budget each month and manage your cash flow – so that there’s always money on hand to cover your expenses.

By spending money in a more efficient way, while maintaining your lifestyle, you’ll soon see your net worth growing.

Retiring with confidence

Retirement is something everyone dreams about – but to make that dream a reality, you’ll need to have enough income when you stop working. Northwood will guide you at every step of the way as you plan, save, and invest your way to a comfortable retirement.

Once you retire, you’ll need to have at least four sources of income to protect your lifestyle. These may include a pension fund, investment properties, a shares portfolio, money on deposit, or shares in a business. We will work with you to ensure that your retirement is secure and enjoyable – and free of financial worry.

We work for our clients – not for policy providers

Many financial advisors simply act as brokers for insurance or investment companies, relying on commissions for the bulk of their income. At Northwood, we do just the opposite.

By charging our clients an up-front consulting fee and refusing to accept commissions from any other company, the Northwood team approaches the insurance and investment world with clear vision. We work for you, and our priority is to help you succeed financially.

If you need to change providers or cancel a policy, you can rest assured that Northwood is on your side. Our team will go the extra mile to negotiate whatever changes you wish to make, putting your needs first as we apply our expert knowledge to getting you the best possible insurance and investment policies.

Let us serve you today

If you’d like to experience our client-focused service for yourself, contact the Northwood team today. We would love the opportunity to help you succeed.

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