Who’s Side is Your Broker On?

insurance-investment-brokersMany clients see their insurance or investment broker as a trusted advisor who has their best interests at heart when recommending a policy – and that’s how it should be. Unfortunately, some brokers are motivated by commissions instead of their clients’ financial goals.

So, what kind of broker do you have?  To find out, let’s take a look at the difference between trustworthy, client-focused brokers and commission chasers. Continue reading

Financial Services Legislation – Two Big Changes

financial-services-legislationWhen laws and regulations change, it’s the responsibility of every financial advisor to take note of new regulations, apply them in accordance with the law, and keep clients informed about their rights and responsibilities.

In this article we take a close look at two new regulations from the Financial Services Board and find out how they affect both financial advisors and their clients. For more information on these new regulations, feel free to contact the Northwood team today. Continue reading