Your Risk Profile – Decade by Decade

age financial risk profileAs we get older, our risk of illness and disability increases – it’s one of the hard facts of life. As medical science improves year on year, our chances of living longer are constantly increasing, along with the cost of healthcare – this makes it crucially important to understand how every person’s risk profile changes as they get older. Let’s find out more.

Your 20s – smooth sailing

Most people enjoy relatively good health in their 20s, with a low rate of cancers and other severe illnesses. However, the risk of accidents is highest at this age when people are full of life (and often over the legal limit). This is also the time when many of us take out our first insurance policies.

Your 30s – good and bad habits start here

As we go through our 30s, we begin to make decisions that affect our future health and wellbeing. For women, pregnancy presents unique health risks, while diet and lifestyle can contribute to high cholesterol and blood sugar levels unless a healthy diet and exercise programme is followed during this decade of life

Your 40s – keep an eye on your health

Life is supposed to begin at 40, with your career on track and success waiting around every corner. Unfortunately, this is also the time of life when cancer and heart disease can start to develop. From the time you turn 40, you should be having a full annual checkup to ensure that any illnesses are stopped in their tracks. You should also have full income replacement cover and life cover in place by this age.

Your 50s – time to be vigilant

Cancers and heart disease reach their peak in your 50s, when the results of your lifestyle choices become most obvious. If you’ve stuck to a healthy lifestyle, your 50s should be a breeze – but you’ll need to be careful about your diet and make good friends with your doctor – you’ll be seeing her more often as you enter your 60s.

Your 60s and beyond

As you begin to pass from middle age to old age – even with the high life expectancy we enjoy today – you’ll feel yourself slowing down. The 60s, 70s, and 80s are the time when hospital visits become more frequent and health issues come to the fore. This is also the time when you’ll be glad to have a medical aid and risk cover policies.

Matching your age, risk profile, and level of cover

Income replacement and permanent disability cover become important in your 30s – and remain that way for the rest of your life. It’s crucial to choose the right policy with the right level of cover without breaking the bank – that’s where Northwood comes in.

If you’d like to plan your risk cover according to your age group, speak to the Northwood team today. We will help you to find the policy that best suits your needs as we assist you with medical cover consulting and retirement planning.

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