New Clients: Save 25% on Your Northwood Bill

Northwood special offerNorthwood’s range of financial planning and consulting services are designed to take each of our clients’ businesses to the next level – and new clients are no exception.

We’d like to make you an offer: if you’re a new client signing up with us, we’ll give you a 25% discount on our services – but only the first five respondents qualify for this significant saving.

How do I sign up?

To take advantage of this offer, all you need to do is email Nico Kleynhans at If you’re one of the first five new clients to reply, you’ll qualify for the discount.

What are the benefits of being a Northwood client?

Northwood provides a one-stop solution for your financial planning, taxation, and investment needs. We cater to the needs of individuals and businesses – both large and small – providing in-depth financial planning, budgeting advice, and objective advice on investment and insurance policies.

Financial advice that puts you on the path to success

Our team of finance and accounting professionals are on hand to advise clients on every aspect of their business and personal finances – under the expert management of Northwood’s founder, Nico Kleynhans.

As a Northwood client, you’ll benefit from a range of services. These include:

Financial consulting

From balancing your monthly budget to consolidating debts which are costing you a fortune in interest each month, a Northwood financial planning session covers all aspects of personal finance. Let us guide you on the path to financial security as we set you up to achieve your money goals.

Accounting and tax advice

When it comes to submitting your personal and company tax returns, a little expert advice goes a long way. Northwood provides in-depth accounting and tax consulting services, in partnership with our Tax Shop franchise based in Muizenberg.

Investment planning

If you’re dreaming of retiring in comfort, the best step you can take is to start planning today. Northwood takes a unique approach to investment planning and portfolio management – we operate on a fee basis and never take commissions or incentives from any third party investment firms. Working for our clients, with their best interests in mind, we aim to provide investment advice that will help them prosper.

Cash flow management for SMEs

One of the biggest hurdles that small to medium sized businesses have to overcome is managing their cash flow – it can easily mean the difference between success and failure. Northwood provides business owners with specialised cash flow management consulting, helping to ensure that cash is always on hand to pay overheads and expenses.

HR consulting

Every successful business is built on the happiness, cooperation, and productivity of its employees – making HR one of the most important areas of any management strategy. Northwood works with business owners and managers to fine-tune their HR strategy, creating a business environment where employees perform to the best of their ability – setting up one of the main conditions for success in business.

We’re waiting for your email

If you’d like to take advantage of our 25% discount offer, contact us today. Remember – this special offer is only available to the first 5 new clients who respond.

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