Micro Business vs Company Tax

One of the most recent changes to SME taxation in South Africa is the introduction of micro business tax, or “turnover tax” by SARS. This new form of tax applies to smaller SMEs and start-ups, and may be a good option for entrepreneurs, depending on their annual revenue. In this article we take a look at the new microbusiness tax and compare it to traditional business tax. Continue reading

Income and Expenses – The Cash Flow Balancing Act

income-expenses-cashflowOur previous blog post discussed the basics of cash flow management – the process of making sure that your business always has cash to cover its expenses.

The idea of balancing income and expenses may seem really simple, but implementing the strategy in your business is not always that easy – in this article we take a look at the challenges of cash flow management in a small business and provide some solutions for entrepreneurs. Continue reading

Cash Flow Management 101

cashflow managementCash flow management – or making sure that there’s enough cash to pay expenses – is one of the most important things any business owner can do to ensure their success.

Without cash to pay creditors and salaries on the due date, even the most profitable business can land itself in financial trouble – let’s start with the basics of cash flow management to help you run your business smoothly. Continue reading