Financing Your Children’s Education

childrens-educationAsk any parent who has children in private schools or at university right now, and you’ll soon realise just how expensive South African education has become. Rising school and university fees mean that some parents are paying close to R100 000 a year for private high schools and good universities this year – and the prices aren’t about to fall anytime soon. Continue reading

Making Changes in Your Life

budget for new lifeAre you meeting your savings and investment targets, or does it feel like you just don’t have enough money left over each month to build your financial future? If you’re worried about your financial goals, there’s good news – by making small changes in your life each day you’ll end up happier, less stressed, and richer. Here’s how. Continue reading

The Answer to Easy Retirement

easy-retirementAre you looking forward to a stress-free retirement with a comfortable income and the freedom to enjoy your life, or are you worried that your retirement portfolio just won’t be large enough to carry you through old age?

We all want an easy retirement – the best reward for decades of hard work and careful planning – but what is the secret to retiring comfortably? Is there something that people who retire comfortably do differently than the rest of us, or are they just lucky? Let’s find out. Continue reading