New Year’s Resolutions – How to Make Sure They Don’t Fail

financial goals resolutions stepsIn our previous blog post we looked at the main reasons why New Year’s resolutions tend to fail so often.  One of the main problems with many resolutions is that they are unrealistic, based more on dreams and long-term goals than on reality and what can be achieved here and now – or in the coming year.

If you’ve made New Year’s resolutions that seem a little too ambitious, you can always revise them and come up with a list of goals that you feel are achievable by the end of 2014.

Once you know what you want to achieve – whether it’s a 20% increase in profits or completing that diploma you’ve wanted to study for some time now – you can use some of the ideas below to help you stay on track and achieve your goals.

Break big goals into bite-sized chunks

There’s an old saying that the only way to eat an Elephant is one bite at a time. You might not have that kind of appetite for food, but business goals can sometimes seem enormous if you try to achieve them all at once.

The best approach you can take is to break your goals down into smaller steps that you can achieve over a 12-month or 54-week period. This approach has several advantages:

  • Smaller steps are easier to think through and implement
  • You’ll be able to monitor your success each week or month and change your goals if they prove to be impossible
  • Your staff will cope better with gradual changes in your business than with “clean slate” approaches that rock the boat excessively
  • You will be able to schedule time each week or month to go through your personal goals and keep your business on track at the same time

A little progress is always better than none

If you reach a point where you’re questioning the value of your resolutions or if it feels like you can’t achieve your goals, don’t throw in the towel just yet.

Every big goal in life takes time to achieve – and unless there’s absolutely no progress after months of hard work, you should celebrate your achievements as a foundation for future success.

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