Moving Up – Northwood’s New Premises

moving-officesThe Northwood team recently took the decision to move premises, and fortunately for our clients the new office won’t be hard to find – we have relocated from number 1 to number 5 in the same office block.

Like moving house, upgrading to new premises has its share of headaches – from packing and moving to signing new leases and the like. Fortunately, once the groundwork is done, an upgraded office space can open new frontiers for any business – here are some of our experiences moving offices and some reasons why a move is sometimes the best strategy for any business.

What benefits do we enjoy after moving premises?

  • Our new offices at number 5 are quieter than our previous premises – this may not be a physical benefit, but it makes our team more productive with fewer interruptions from noise.
  • The new premises are more spacious, with a great training room and other facilities. This makes the space easier to work in, and also opens new possibilities for expansion in the future – this reminds me of the importance of planning ahead.

Does every business need to move at some point?

Unless your business is going to stay the same size forever – an outcome that most entrepreneurs probably wouldn’t like very much – you will need to move to bigger and better facilities at some point.

As a general rule, it may be better to be slightly cramped in smaller premises for a while than go to the expense of having way too much space for a small team – especially when your business is still new.

As your company expands, you’ll naturally hire more staff and need more space for storage, training, or new divisions. Once you sense that your current premises just won’t be big enough in six months’ time, you should start looking for a bigger office space.

Does location matter?

If you have an established business, especially one that is well-known to customers in your area, moving far away is probably not the wisest decision – in fact, some business owners would say that it’s not a good idea to move at all.

If you’re forced to move because you just don’t have enough space, try to find a location that’s close enough to your current office so that you don’t lose local customers to the competition. This is especially true if your business relies on passing trade. However, a business that mostly deals with clients remotely, or relies on sales reps, can easily move to new location quite easily.

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