Dealing with the Year-End Rush

business-year-end-strategyAs the end of the year approaches, you might find yourself swamped with requests and orders from clients which must be completed by December or sooner. This time of year can be rushed and a little chaotic for some businesses, but with careful planning and organisation you can stay ahead of the game – here are some effective strategies for dealing with the year-end rush.

Find out what your clients need

To avoid a situation where your clients pile in their orders just a few weeks before you close, communicate with them sooner and find out whether they have any last-minute requirements. Once you know what you need to deliver, you’ll be able to plan your time and keep every client satisfied.

Stay Organised

The end of the year is a tricky time for most people, because the “holiday feeling” tends to set in around late November. With holidays around the corner and shops advertising Christmas gifts, many of us tend to lose focus toward the end of the year – don’t let this happen.

At this time of year, you need to be at your most organised. Schedule your time using a calendar, and make sure that keep your appointments in order. From now until December you’ll need to ensure that you deliver what your clients need so that your year can end with no loose ends.

Keep meetings short and structured

When you meet with clients and your team, remember that time is limited during this time of year. Keep your meetings brief but focused, and make sure that everyone who attends the meeting knows exactly what is expected of them once the session is over. Once you have the information you need, you and your team can get to work and deliver the goods.

Invoice your clients in good time

Many businesses operate with a smaller staff in December and if the person responsible for processing payments is on leave, you may end up waiting until the middle of January for your payment. Make sure that you invoice your clients in time so that you end the year with a positive cash flow.

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