Your ideal pension portfolio – don’t rely on RAs alone

retirement-RAAfter decades of hard work and careful financial management, most of us look forward to a comfortable retirement – but is your portfolio structured in the right way to make this a reality? Let’s explore the elements of a balanced retirement portfolio and find out whether we are relying too heavily on Retirement Annuities. Continue reading

How much Dread Disease Cover do you need?

dread-disease insurance coverDread diseases – including cancer, heart attacks and other coronary diseases, and strokes – are responsible for millions of deaths and disabilities around the world each year. While the thought of contracting these diseases is far from pleasant, the reality is that any of us could have the misfortune of suffering from these illnesses at some point during our lives. Continue reading

The difference between Income Replacement Cover and Permanent Disability Insurance

disability injury insuranceA serious disability, be it temporary or permanent, can have serious financial implications for any working person. Lost income, the inability to work, and a drop in quality of life are just some of the harsh realities that you could face without income replacement cover or disability insurance – but which type of insurance is right for you? Continue reading