Northwood Update: Nico Kleynhans on Continued Education

continued-educationAs a finance professional with several decades of experience in the industry, I have always been a believer in continued education.

Qualifying with a commerce degree or similar qualification is an excellent basis for a career in the financial sector, but this is only the beginning of the learning process that every financial advisor should take part in – you are never too old to learn, and there is always new information out there that can assist you to serve your clients more effectively.

Work experience aside, I believe that financial advisors should take part in continued education courses and certificate programmes. These courses provide an essential refresher for financial professionals, and also bring us up to do date with the latest financial and taxation laws from South Africa and financial best practices from around the world.

My Own Continued Education

At the moment I participate in several forms of continued education to enhance my skills as a financial advisor. I also participate in the training of young graduates who wish to make a career in the financial services sector.

Top 100 Financial Planners Course

I am currently part of an 18 month course which includes a hundred of the country’s top financial planners. We fund this course ourselves, at a total cost of several million rand, and our aim is to improve the methods and content of our practices. By exchanging ideas with some of the country’s top financial planners, I believe that the industry as a whole will benefit by becoming more efficient and transparent – I have always believed in these two qualities as cornerstones of successful business.

Monthly Seminars

I aim to attend at least one monthly seminar on current best practices, new legislation, or other current topics that will allow me to deliver more effective services to Northwood clients. These seminars are essential to stay on top of new developments in the industry.

Weekly CPD Tests

Each week I take Continued Professional Development tests which are based on the latest developments in the financial sector. These tests confirm that I am up to date with the latest advances in the industry, which translates into better service and advice where clients are concerned.

Continued education is essential for professionals in every field. By staying up to date with the latest advances in the industry, I believe that I enhance my own skills as finance professional and am able to offer the best possible advice to my clients. I encourage all my clients to further their own professional education on a regular basis to maintain their edge in business.

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